Engagement Entropy

Wow.! Here's yet another study that sounds the "engaged apathy" alarm. But, I wonder how many business leaders are hearing it?

Employees who'd rather tune into their iPod than the needs of your customers are nothing new. But is the problem getting worse? As they text and instant message friends about their discontent, or walk the length of the hallway just to gaze longingly at the parking lot, that's not a bad question to consider. A new report, "The State of Employee Engagement 2008," ...reveals that fewer than one in three North American workers are fully engaged. Moreover, 19 percent are completely disengaged, and a further 13 percent are disillusioned and at risk for becoming disengaged. The study, based on a survey of more than 7,500 employees and interviews with 40 human resource and line managers on four continents, identified five levels of employee engagement in North America. Read the full article from "Inside Training" by clicking here.