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Wow.! Here's yet another study that sounds the "engaged apathy" alarm. But, I wonder how many business leaders are hearing it?

Employees who'd rather tune into their iPod than the needs of your customers are nothing new. But is the problem getting worse? As they text and instant message friends about their discontent, or walk the length of the hallway just to gaze longingly at the parking lot, that's not a bad question to consider. A new report, "The State of Employee Engagement 2008," ...reveals that fewer than one in three North American workers are fully engaged. Moreover, 19 percent are completely disengaged, and a further 13 percent are disillusioned and at risk for becoming disengaged. The study, based on a survey of more than 7,500 employees and interviews with 40 human resource and line managers on four continents, identified five levels of employee engagement in North America. Read the full article from "Inside Training" by clicking here.


Vicki Davis said...

Fascinating blog post that will be on my blog tomorrow. We also are seeing this trend in schools?

However, I will say that many times my students produce much better when listening to music. My husband works at a company with a no radio policy and he says that he gets so much more done after hours when he CAN turn on his ipod than during the work day when everything is supposedly "quiet."

If I want my students to finish that term paper, I tell them to get out their ipods. Music is the quiet for today's student... I wonder if this is happening at work.

Maybe the same things are being said that used to be said at the water cooler, we can just measure it now.

Fascinating post and I just want to say how much of an inspiration you are to me. I have one of your videos and it is phenomenal -- I use it every spring with my ninth graders at the beginning of the goal setting module. Keep up the great work!

And all of the bloggers who say that they can't type rapidly, I think you have a message to them since you typed this with your feet! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Foppe, you are indeed an expert in human condition. All over the world people look up to you as challenge and motivation in all spheres of life. Thanks for being the best of you as I prepare to talk about you to a thousand of youth in a seminar we organize for ourselves in this part of the world. God keeps working through you.